Apr 072011

Got to love a bit of Sven Kramer. This photos shows “him” off very well indeed :P.


Check out www.flickr.com/groups/sven-kramer/pool/ for even more photos.

Here is a good video I found oh him on his own website. Which can be found at www.svenkramer.nl.

Apr 072011

One of my biggest fantasy’s is to get locked up in a chastity belt, by a fit straight lad and made to “service him”.  I like the idea of a straight lad being my key holder more, since unlike a gay lad, he would have no reason at all to let me out.

Apr 072011

Nick Jonas does look very good in this wetsuit, also love his pose. Need to remember it and get some of our models to pose like that :).

Nick Jonas

More photos from this set can be found at www.flickr.com/photos/46708137@N05/with/4401947314/.

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