May 202011

Is it wrong when I was out cycling today, a motorcyclist pulled up next to me and the smell of his leathers were turning me on? Bearing in mind I was in cycling gear at the time, so no way I could hide anything at all.

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    all i can say is LOL and as long as they don’t get off their bike and slap you your fine LOL!

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    It’s obviously the right thing to do! Yum…biker leathers are always great, and what you did was exactly the right thing to do. That could be a wonderful plot for a story… Haha

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    I’d need to see the pics before I could possibly comment!

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    Maybe the guy thought the same of your lycra?

    • SeaMonkey 2 SeaMonkey 2 Windows XP Windows XP

      Does lycra even have a smell to it?

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      They may not have noticed the smell of your lycra, but I’m sure that they noticed your hot body ( and crotch ) in it. How could they not 🙂

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    great reply by BondGuppy 😀

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    Why, thank you, peter! 😛 😉

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