May 232011

Here are the first ever photos of myself wearing my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit outdoors. Can’t wait to read all your comments about them.

  4 Responses to “RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit outdoor pics”

  1. Firefox 3 Firefox 3 Windows XP Windows XP

    The suit fits you so well, looks a bit tight in the crotch, you look sexy in these pics. How did you enjoy wearing it ?

    • SeaMonkey 2 SeaMonkey 2 Windows XP Windows XP

      It’s just the right size for me. Could have not got a better fixing suit. I loved wearing it outside, so much more fun than wearing indoors all the time.

  2. Google Chrome 11 Google Chrome 11 Windows XP Windows XP

    Cracking pics, as commented on!

    It does fit you really well. I like the way you’ve posed in the middle one above… the profile of the body to the camera angle, makes it an awesome pic!

  3. Safari 5 Safari 5 Mac OS X 10.6 Mac OS X 10.6

    Gordo. Love the suit. Looks like it was custom made for you.

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