Jun 072011

I think the title and photo says it all really :).

Rabobank Cycling Team kit

  11 Responses to “Maybe I like my new gear 2 much :)”

  1. wow look great in it Gordon very very nice 🙂 bet it feels as great as looks 😛

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  2. Look like someone needs his CB3k on

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  3. Good grief!


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  4. Yes very nice pic G… can’t play hide and seek with you wearing that, can we?

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  5. yes deffinetley looks like someone is in need of chastity

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    • I need to get a new cb really, broke my last one :(.

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      • Latley Ive been using the cb6k short in preference to the standard 6000 and it seems much better doesnt seem to pull as much.

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        • Whats the longest time you have been locked up for?

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          • two weeks before and have currently been in for just over a week and am not due to be released until next week but then maybe just for a shave and clean and re-locked till the end of the month

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  6. Looks great on you Gordon! Doesn’t leave much to the imagination! ;o)

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