Aug 312011

Just posted the first new set of any wearing the Adidas full body suit in years to the exclusive area.

While taken the photos at one point, I did not have the cycling shorts covering the suit, only the jersey. So let’s just say everything was on show. I cycled around 2 mile or so like that.

More information about how to join the exclusive area can be found @

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  1. Firefox 6 Firefox 6 Windows Vista Windows Vista

    I keep opening wetsuitlads just to see this cute photo, makes me smile each time i see it. Perhaps you should do a update shoot using the same gear, the same place, just different age?

  2. Google Chrome 13 Google Chrome 13 Windows XP Windows XP

    This picture deserves ‘Picture of the Month’ award! Its awesome, and I just love that rather cheeky smile!

  3. Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 9 Windows Vista Windows Vista

    Hi are super I should about such interest in blue size M.

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