Aug 252011

Locked in my CB-3000 while outside, with my hands cuffed above my head. So luckily no one walked past. Since I was not going anywhere fast. They could have done anything to me and I would have had no way to stop them!

Gordon locked a CB-3000 chastity belt

  7 Responses to “Let me out please”

  1. Brilliant picture!

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  2. OMG! Best photo I have ever seen of you. Hope you were locked up for a long time. Only let out for sex, then put straight back in it.

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  3. Great photo. But it could be so much better. Think members of the website, should club together and get a belt this like this for you The people that have given money, should then become share holders and take full control of the key :).

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  4. I would love to been gagged like that and left for at least an hour

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  5. Outstanding pic 😈

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  6. Absolutely fantastic, great photo.

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