Aug 182011

Why can’t I, find a white wetsuit like this?

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  1. Now that is very Nice 🙂

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  2. Anyone know what made this wetsuit is? Plus where I can get it from? Really want a white one like it.

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  3. Could be an Osprey, but there is no visible logo to identify it fully! I hope you find one G!

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  4. This is one hot suit! i have seen people in them before when i was on holiday in ammerica so you could look on some of the ammerican sites!

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  5. From the partially visible logo on his right sleeve and the “O” logo showing through the rashguard on left shoulder I would say it is a Oakley wetsuit.
    Does not look like they produce them anymore or they just do it for sponsored athletes. I found a few other others (not white) in searching the web but little if any for sale.

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