Sep 022011

Since the other Adidas full body suit photos I took on Tuesday went down so well. I have been out taken even more. They only been found in the exclusive area.

More information about how to join the exclusive area can be found @

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  1. Yay!!! It must be some holiday in the UK. Two photo updates in three days? Thanks Gordon you made me so horn…appy! 😀

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    • What makes you think the UK is on holiday? Oh and glad that you like the new updates. May even be a third update before the weekend is out 🙂 Just been to think of some more photo ideas first.

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      • It must be a holiday, because of all these presents!! The last time i was this excited for an update in the exclusive area was when they spidey vids were going up. My suggestion is to keep on smiling they’re my favorite.

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