Oct 082011

Got my new wetsuit today. The post man did try to post it yesterday. But I was out. So I had to go to the local sorting office, to pick it up. But lucky it’s only a mile or so down the road.

So what do you all think of it?? Please post your comments here, or via facebook and twitter!

More photos can be found at twitter.com/wetsuitlads/media/grid.

  8 Responses to “New wetsuit is here”

  1. MMMM looks really nice, bet it feels amazing

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  2. yes love it love to see it on cam

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    • Great idea. But I am in Scotland right now, the webcam on laptop is a bit crap. Here till the 16th October. Once back, I will make sure I get on the cam wearing it.

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  3. Very nice… looks like it fits really well! Looking forward to more pics!

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  4. That looks super Gordon, and you’ve got the body to show it at its best.

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  5. How does it compare to the Orca?

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  6. looks super G, wauw, bet it feels great.

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