Nov 272011

I hope that you all like these new photos. Well other than people, that I am sure will have something to say more about leather photos being posted.

The first photo was taken in my back garden. The second one, was taken on the way back from work. I parked my car, then walked to the tunnel. Changed from my work gear, into the bier gear. Then locked it in a bag, so I had to then drive back home in my leathers. But I did take the gloves and helmet off. It was so much fun, need to do it again :).

More photos from this set can be found at

  7 Responses to “Gordon head to toe in biker gear”

  1. Mozilla Compatible Mozilla Compatible iPad iOS 5.0.1 iPad iOS 5.0.1

    Nice pictures g…. And i really like you’re bier gear..

  2. Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 8 Windows 7 Windows 7

    To make a picture with such a tunnel in the background is an interesting idea.
    Have you already ordered the “fitting bike” to your gear?

  3. Safari 5 Safari 5 iPad iOS 5.0.1 iPad iOS 5.0.1

    Great photos Gordon, the Matching gloves really do finish the outfit off nicely.

    I’m curious though …. Did you take the photos yourself? If so, how did you operate the camera wearing the gloves?


  4. UC Browser 8 UC Browser 8 Unknown Unknown

    that looks awesome! you seriously need to do it again
    And is it me only but I think you really need a haircut lol

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