Nov 052011

 Welcome back Daniel, his first new photos for the website since 2008. Yes it’s really been that long! Where does the time go? And hello our newest model Robert that come all the way over from Germany to do photos.

Some more photos from this set can be found at

  7 Responses to “Welcome back Daniel and hello to Robert”

  1. Nice 😀

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  2. Looks so nice, I look forward to seeing what came out of the afternoon.

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  3. One of many superb photos you took I bet! Looking forward to seeing the rest!

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  4. Fantastic photo! Grins on both faces!

    Looking forward to seeing the rest.

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  5. welcome back daniel, you’re looking good.
    hello to robert, you look very promising indeed. can’t wait to see all the photos, looks like you had some real fireworks together,lol

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  6. Indeed… a very warm welcome back to Daniel and a big Hello to Robert. Hope you both had fun doing the photo shoot. Yes, do agree with mike… Robert does look really cute!

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  7. Can say Robert looks just as good all tied up in lycra….

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