Jan 202012

You should all be pleased to hear I have just gone and ordered a neoprene sleepsack. I am getting it from Regulation London for £225 + £6 P&P. Bit more that I would have liked to pay for one. Still I am sure it will make for some great photos and videos. Over time will more than pay for it’s self.

Can’t wait for it to turn up and of course to be zipped up inside :).

  3 Responses to “Just ordered a neoprene sleepsack”

  1. Where does the queue start to zip you in it?

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  2. Join the queue! I’d like to know who will be the lucky guy to be invited to the zipping up process, and take the photos of course!

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  3. I’ve just cast my vote. It’s going to be fascinating to see what you wear once you’re in the sleepsack!

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