Feb 032012

Here is the very first photo of myself in the Neoprene Sleep Sack :).

More photos from this set coming soon…

  12 Responses to “Gordon in Neoprene Sleep Sack”

  1. OMG!!!!! 😮

    That does look tight!

    Remember now G… no playing! 😉

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  2. How did you get in there in the first place? Had any help?

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  3. Good good… well worth the wait… I bet you did not want to be let out of it!!

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  4. Very nice, who was the lucky guy who put you in it, did he get to try it?

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  5. is it smooth inside and out?

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  6. Looks nice and strong so you can struggle as much as you want 😉

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  7. For once I’m almost lost for words! I’ve never seen anything like this before! Has it got a lining? To be made completely helpless and at the mercy of…………..Ohhhh!! :)) I LIKE!!

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  8. thats soo hot!! wish it was me hehes, may have to come visit sometime hehe

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