Jun 152012

  15 Responses to “Why wearing white Lycra is not always a good idea”

  1. I fail to see what the problem is. 😉

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  2. I can only assume that Gordon was not warm enough in his white lycra gear on that day 🙂

    What else can it be he he.

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  3. white lycra is sexy but easy to get dirty

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  4. It fits U great And showes U well my sexy valentine.!!!

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  5. Do you mean that sky looks cloudy and it’s about to rain and white Lycra is see thru when wet? Lol

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  6. well thats black&white 😉
    surely we would need to see something thats pretty much all white to assess it?

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  7. Ah white lycra always so damn sexy….especially when wet

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  8. *jaw drops*

    fuck . yes!

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  9. Well, I can’t see any splashes of mud on the Lycra, so all is well!

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  10. and… what’s the matter?
    I can’t see anything wrong!

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  11. Nothing is really wrong with it. Just way to much is on show, for the whole world to see.

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    • There is certainly not way too much on show Gordon. Now maybe if you got caught in a rain storm as well ………………. (excuse me whilst I drift off into fantasy mode for a minute or 2)

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  12. Now maybe if you’d been locked in chastity under there would of given us something too see

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