Nov 172012

I have just posted new photos of Nick wearing the PBK team long sleeve skinsuit 2009 + gear. I took these photos back in May 2011, but some some reason only just got around to posting them.

The full set of these photos can only be found in the exclusive area.

  4 Responses to “New Nick photos : VIP area update (17/11/2012)”

  1. Sexy in the suit. You need to secure him with more than handcuffs!

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  2. oh my nice new set in the xclusive 🙂 thanks G & Nick great pics & looks like he’s really starting to get excited 🙂

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  3. Nice to see these pics again. I hope he comes back for more soon.

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  4. He was hoping to come back this year, but we could not find a time when we were both free :(. So maybe next year…

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