Dec 012012

Here is the first ever photo of myself locked in my new Deluxe Male Stainless Steel Chastity Belt!!


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  1. amazing what web-site do you buy those at would love one of those

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  2. so how long was decided?

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  3. Unbelievably hot G!!

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  4. That’s a great preview photo, hope you’ve got more to upload more and maybe a video of you putting the chastity belt on.

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    • I will be uploading more. They will only be getting posted to the VIP area. But people will have to pay extra money on top of the normal VIP area to see these photos.

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  5. Oh G. what a lovely sight. Made me smile after a rather boring evening at work and a rather crap day yesterday.

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  6. amazing photo gordon! looking forward for updates! have fun 😉

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  7. Hmmmmm, i think this will be funny…

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  8. I can’t believe how many people have looked at this post so far. Going by the website statistics it’s up at 782 views so far!! If that does not sound a lot. Last month’s most popular post had 801 views and that took a while month!!

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  9. Great pic Gordon, is it more effective than the CB series?

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