Jan 182013

Some great news for you all.nick-vip-preview Nick is coming back in March to do new photos!! So if you any ideas what gear etc you would like to see him wear, then let me know ASAP!!! By commenting on this post.

I will of course be getting him, in the sleepsack :). If he’s extra bad make him sleep in it!!

  16 Responses to “Nick is back in March 2013 to do more photos!”

  1. How about the blue lycra suit that you’ve got, and the gasmask.

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  2. defo the sleep sack and maybe some of him in the oneil or orca wetsuit!

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  3. Whatever he wears a video of him wearing would be better then just photos and sleepsack looks so good whoever wears it, but you look the best of course

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  4. Make a Video with a Straitjacken, i love this

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  5. Put him in the Orca and the SJ for sleep time!

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  6. I agree with BlondGuppy and dromorelad the orca or wet suit, tight cycling gear, and then have him stand in your shower and get nice and wet. You in gear beside him , either wet or dry would be the added bonus for us too . I am thinking it would be a big bonus for you and Nick too .

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  7. Please please please get him in some fullbody lycra gear like the adidas equipment suit or any cycling skinsuits 🙂

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  8. love ALL your suggestions that have been made, BUT at the end of the day I think you BOTH should just give a real BIG surprise & NOT Tell us until after there done & posted 🙂 ( just my own personal thoughts ) sorry if i upset anyone !!!!

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  9. I’d say he will look great in full biker gear, boots gloves helmets etc (probably hood underneath the helmet), and get him cuffed or tied up real good.
    Oh wait this is Wetsuitlads..

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  10. i still think u should do something like part 2 of ‘shane’s weekend’ ^^

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  11. How about a tickle-video in the equipment suit?

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  12. Wesuit with a bike leahter suit over it and made him wear those for overnight 😉

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  13. Great news! Squeeze him into the Adidas fullbody swimsuit… and be sure to wear your chastity belt all the time -:)

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  14. How about him in wetsuit hands bound behind, mouth wide open head tied over my cock haha

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