Mar 172013

This lad really has some balls. Going shopping at Morrisons while wearing a wetsuit.

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  1. Excellent , I too have worn my wetsuits out in non wet suit situations, shopping, working out at gym, wrestling , going to the movies, going for runs and walks,done the same in my wrestling singlets from time to time , come on Gordon you know you want to, just do it, we already know you got balls !

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  2. This lad def has balls!!! would love to do that..

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  3. Have gone out with rubber suit under my casual clothes before. Also gone for a night time walk in a PVC suit too. Next time, will take camera with me!

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  4. That should be your next challenge Gordon. Go somewere out of the ordinary wearing a wetsuit. Because you’ve already ridden your bike wearing one.

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  5. I have done that 🙂 wetsuit with nothing else but only by the coast and it was only a corner shop and the chippy 🙂

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