May 302013

10th Anniversary to us! Can’t believe that Wetsuitlads has been live on Internet since 30th May 2003!!

Sorry I was hoping to do something for the 10th Anniversary!! But could not think of anything at all :(.

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    Kudos Gordon! And lets see another 10???

    • Wordpress App 2 Wordpress App 2 Android 2.3.3 Android 2.3.3

      I am sure it will be. But will have stopped posting photos of myself by then.

      • Google Chrome 27 Google Chrome 27 Windows XP Windows XP

        Why would you? We’ve been enjoying your (and your models’) pics for a decade, I’m sure we’re expecting the same for another one!

        And congratulations for the anniversary, Gordon!

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    Why not pick your ten favourite pix from the last decade and invite others to pick or rate them?
    Congrats and here’s to the next ten years.

  3. Android Webkit 4 Android Webkit 4 HTC One HTC One

    Concratulation!!!!! Today i’ll wear my wetsuit only for you!

  4. Firefox 21 Firefox 21 Windows 7 Windows 7

    Eat an entire cake. Wearing a wetsuit. Upload to youtube. 😛

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