May 162013

It’s new poll time! This time I am asking “What to wear next on the zip wire?” Vote below or by using the right hand-side menu.

What to wear next on the zip wire?

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  26 Responses to “Poll : What to wear next on the zip wire?”

  1. How about that white UCI cycle gear you wore the other week.

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    • Sorry can’t see me wearing that on it! I would worry, way, way to much about getting oil on it!

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  2. I am happy that the leathers are winning right now!! Just need to find a way to get my boots and helmet there. Since I normally use panniers. But since getting my new bike, I have still to get around to getting a new pannier rack.

    The only other way is to walk down in my leathers…. don’t want to be doing that!

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  3. Hmm, the Leathers will make you nice and sweaty running about from the bottom of the zip wire back to the top!

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  4. Straightjacket?

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    • No idea how that would work!! I can’t even find someone to put me in the sleepsack, never mind the straightjacket :(.

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  5. How about the mutant 5/4 with either the gasmask or the motorcycle helmet

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  6. I can’t believe just how close this poll is running. It’s looking like, I will need to do two new videos. One in the Adidas fullbody suit and another head-to-toe in leathers!! 🙂

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    • I have the feeling that you wouldn’t regret to do it 😉
      Maybe you can even do an extra one with the spiderman suit…

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  7. Speedos

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  8. That’s the Adidas fullbody suit video now here! Hope you all like it!! 🙂

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  9. Your chastity belt and nothing else!

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  10. Since the Spider-Man suit now as a clear lead over the leathers. I will make sure I record a zip wire video of me doing just that. I will do it, at some point this week!

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  11. cannondale pro cycling team gear :v

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