May 212013

Since you all voted for it! Here is a video of myself wearing the sexy Adidas fullbody suit on the zip wire.

  6 Responses to “Vlog: Adidas fullbody suit zip wire fun”

  1. Firefox 20 Firefox 20 Windows 7 Windows 7

    if you run up the start point then jump on the swing at the top of the ramp you will fly back down it alot faster 😀
    also mutant 😀

  2. Google Chrome 26 Google Chrome 26 GNU/Linux GNU/Linux

    Leathers, boots, gloves + helmet would be better 😀
    Maybe next time 😛

  3. SeaMonkey 2 SeaMonkey 2 Windows XP Windows XP

    I did the Adidas fullbody suit first, since it did win in the poll after all! Don’t worry, I will also be doing one in the leathers, boots, gloves + helmet soon!! So why do you think they would be better??

  4. Firefox 20 Firefox 20 Windows 7 Windows 7

    Very nice Gordon. I know we’re enjoying these.

  5. Internet Explorer 10 Internet Explorer 10 Windows 7 Windows 7

    great fun Gordon keep ’em coming. thx

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