May 212013

Since you all voted for it! Here is a video of myself wearing the sexy Adidas fullbody suit on the zip wire.

  6 Responses to “Vlog: Adidas fullbody suit zip wire fun”

  1. if you run up the start point then jump on the swing at the top of the ramp you will fly back down it alot faster 😀
    also mutant 😀

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  2. Leathers, boots, gloves + helmet would be better 😀
    Maybe next time 😛

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  3. I did the Adidas fullbody suit first, since it did win in the poll after all! Don’t worry, I will also be doing one in the leathers, boots, gloves + helmet soon!! So why do you think they would be better??

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  4. Very nice Gordon. I know we’re enjoying these.

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  5. great fun Gordon keep ’em coming. thx

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