May 142013

Since it was a bit on the wet side, I put on my Orca S2 and went out a cycle. During the cycle, I stopped at a local park and filmed the following two videos! 🙂

  9 Responses to “Vlog: Having fun at the local park in a wetsuit!”

  1. Cool looks like a lot of fun.

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  2. If anyone had of been nearby, I wonder what went through their mind!

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  3. Hey, be careful with the slide!
    It can ruin the smoothskin material cause of the friction :S

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    • The slide was very wet at the time! So don’t think I need to worry about that to much! Also it was just a one off!

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  4. You’re having too much fun Gordon. Way to go! Thanks for the videos.

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  5. hahaha these look great fun, what a way to liven up a wet miserable may. thx

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  6. Now that looks like fun in a suit 🙂 Awesome!

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