Aug 102013



  8 Responses to “Another sexy Spider-Man thanks to Tumblr”

  1. this outfit is really awesome and what a hot guy mmmmmmm

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  2. I saw a group of lads all in fancy dress this week, they were walking into town (a good 1/2 hour walk).

    I found it hard not to say to Spidey
    “You should be in a Superman costume” whilst pointing at his obvious, below the belt excitement.

    There was about 6 of them, various pirates, one dressed as a pantomime woman, the best was Spiderman. No idea what he looked like – he had the hood on, but he was in shape.

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  3. Nice suit, cute guy in it!

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  4. Wholly Fuck, where can I get one of those suits???!!!!!

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  5. Yum! Gotta love a nice lookin’ Spidey.

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