Aug 282013

Here are some Lycra photos, which I have posted on my personal flickr account during the last number of days!

Belvoir Castle
Rabobank Cycling Team kit

Many more photos like this can be found at

  5 Responses to “Some Lycra photos off my flickr”

  1. thanks, you made my day !!!
    I had fun taking pics of me in some of my gear at an awesome beach on sunday, the pics came out great, just like yours ! thanks again for making me smile and great job with the site, I wished I lived closer to you so we could put on our cool gear and go have fun together ! see ya …….Eddie

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  2. Hi My sexy Valentine, U are looking as sexy as ever. Love the hot pix of U and your sexy gear!!!

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  3. Very hot, Gordon! Those are great pictures. I like your Flickr pictures too.

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  4. I’m tempted to bike the 36.8 miles to that sign post just to see the cute guy in lycra that seems hangs out there!

    Great photo!

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  5. Hi Gordon,

    Great photos. I love the outfit, especially the white shorts. Where did you get them from?

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