Sep 082013

The title says it all really!

  8 Responses to “Hard in see through Lycra”

  1. Sexy Hot my sexy valentine!!!

  2. Looking good G , hard and a bit horny or just the reaction of wearing tight lycra, it happens to me too, sorta happening now looking at all of you in your hotness

  3. Those shorts are quite see through! 😉

  4. Great and hot, Gordon!

  5. got me salivating!

  6. Wow, Now those shorts are sexy, imagine getting off the bike and going shopping in those, they would turn a few heads! Have you been anyway daring in those Gordon?

  7. Not hiding anything there Gordon, very nice.

  8. Beautiful shot… That leaves very little to the imagination… there seems to be some very close skin contact against the lycra. Very sexy.

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