Oct 082013

Here are some outdoor photos of myself all helpless in the neoprene sleepsack.

Neoprene sleepsack
Neoprene sleepsack
Neoprene sleepsack

  8 Responses to “Outdoor pics of myself in the sleepsack”

  1. Looking pretty fine Gordon, and it looks like you are a bit excited as you wear this awesome sack.

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  2. Its awesome that there are places that you can make those pics.
    I really love those.
    Thx Gordon

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  3. Such a beautifully packaged Gordon makes a real pleasure and fun.

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  4. An exciting piece of kit this – you must have great trust in your friend taking the pics. Good to see you enjoying the pressure on your bulge too !!

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  5. Wish I was there with you, you look so hot!!!!!

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  6. Welcum back from vacation Gordon. You look great in that sleepsac..
    Thanks for keeping us up

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  7. Mmm… love those pics!

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  8. Looking good – I would like to be in it myself !

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