Oct 182013

Today before setting off on a 30 mile cycle. I padlocked myself in the O’Neill Gooru F.U.Z.E GBS 2mm long Sleeve Spring Suit wetsuit. I of course left the key at home! So had not way of getting of the wetsuit!!

Padlocked in wetsuit
Padlocked in wetsuit

  7 Responses to “Padlocked in my O’Neill Gooru wetsuit”

  1. Nice one Gordon, and nice pics again!

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  2. Very nice! I hope you didn’t need a wee wee when you were out then? 🙂

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  3. Very nice! Assume you didn’t cover up?

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  4. well if U need a wewe then go for a swim!!!

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  5. Awesome as always mate! 😉 x

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