Jan 292014

Here are some photos from my first wetsuited cycle of 2014! The first of many I am sure, if the weather stays the way it is!

  5 Responses to “First wetsuited cycle 2014 with photos!”

  1. You are SO cute, and hot. Bit rainy, is it?

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  2. Some of my new favorite pictures of you Gordon, I do enjoy you wearing a tight wet suit, fits you fine.

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  3. You look awesome in your wetsuit. Isn’t your Orca suit thicker? I’d think you would be cold in the Blueseventy in the winter.

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  4. Hi,

    looks nice! Well, the weather really makes it almost mandatory to wear wetsuits now in UK, or? 🙂
    Should even be combined with some rubber riding boots…

    Keep on biking in wetsuit, did once a trip in my dive suit when I was a bit younger

    Cheers from Germany

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