Feb 192014

OMG. Just how hot does this lad look in this Fantastic Four suit??


Now for the even better news! He “may” model for this website!!! We are looking for hot scenarios that we could use my Spider-Man suit. Maybe both heroes captured. Please post your ideas here!!

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  1. I would love to some photos with him been ages since I had kinky fun

    Daniel (lycraboy1982)

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  2. I think maybe the two of you could be captured when back to back avoiding masked troublemakers. The process of getting yourselves released would involve wriggling round to face each other to loosen the ties……………

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  3. Now that I’ve finished staring at this lovely guy, he is hot, especially in that suit.

    Pictures of him wearing the spider-man suit, wearing his FF suit, both heroes captured. Is he willing to try out a wetsuit or two?

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  4. Yes, very cute. Love his boots too!

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  5. i’ve got that suit and yes hes hot as

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