Mar 232014

Want to see photos of myself locked up in this chastity belt!!?? Then give £20 via our donation page and make it happen!!

Male Chastity Belt Device

Just look at the photo below and think of that locked up!! 🙂


  25 Responses to “Give £20 to get me locked up!”

  1. How much to keep the keys? 😉

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  2. Can you cycle in it? Sounds most uncomfortable if you do. Could make an interesting bulge in your shorts though.

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    • Been out cycling in my CB-3000, before I broke it a while back. Yes it did make a interesting bulge in my Lycra :).

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  3. Hi Gordon I have just took delivery of a new pair of leather bondondage shorts you want to see them on I could email you photo

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  4. Have you been naughty again 🙂 And no foreskin to play with, yummy

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  5. Hi I have now been locked in the shorts all morning at work and left keys at home very comfy and only cost £52 will have to see how long after I get home I can last out they realy do feel great and not being able to get to my cock is keeping me hard whilst working

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  6. Sounds hot! Got a link? Where did you get them?

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  7. Those bottoms look very thin around that area Gordon! 🙂 almost transparent! As if they have been subjected to a lot of rubbing 🙂
    What’s the longest you have spent in the chastity cage, I might be willing to pay for a long term lockdown! 😉

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    • Just had them a long time! Got them 2005, 2006 maybe. So they are starting to show there age. So need to wear underwear or tights over them.

      Longest time so far is 24 hours. Need to aim to do better, much better.

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  8. So Gordon are you locked up yet keep us upto date mate

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