Apr 102014

OMG! I got to try out of a friends vac rack today! I loved every minute of it!! Just wish I had my hair cur for the event! Well at least, it gives me a great reason to sort out my hair and go back to London :).

vac rack

  11 Responses to “Myself in a vac rack!”

  1. Gordon, we need videos and long length ones with all the setting up shown, so we can drink in every second.

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  2. Really want to have ago at that! What did you wear underneath? You should shave your head again

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  3. Your certainly seem at ease & happy in the vac bed,& how long did it take the vac bed to completely encase you like that.

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  4. Competition time??

    I’m guessing he was wearing his cycling shorts and shirt (see the seems 1/2 down his thigh and around his biceps)

    He could be wearing just t-shirt and boxers, but my warped-mind would prefer the cycling stuff.

    Whats the square block on the right knee?

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    • I had Lycra underwear on. Was the only thing I was wearing.

      No idea what that square block on the right knee is! Maybe my knee is square, who knows!

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  5. G, you are one very lucky guy! How long was you left like that? And you look fine with your hair as it is!

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  6. Awesome how long were you in there?

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  7. looking fit G 😉 nice outline 😉

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  8. Please don’t shave your hair! We love it all! Like the shiny view! I see you like it! Are you naked?

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