May 162014

Here are the first ever photos of myself wearing my newest cycling gear! Go to say I love the green of the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team kit. Also had forgotten just how tight new Lycra shorts are :).

Cannondale Pro Cycling Team kit
Cannondale Pro Cycling Team kit

More photos from this set be found @

  5 Responses to “Cannondale Pro Cycling Team = newest gear”

  1. 12 Hours and no response – my theory, everyone saw it and immediately dashed off for a wank 🙂

    Your hair has grown a lot since your last posting a week ago! (I bet no one else was looking that high up)

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    • Just had a look, that photo was taken back in June 2010. So taken 4 years for my hair to get that long. LOL :).

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  2. mmmm yeah something wrong here… Last week Gordon had a new haircut…But what the hell….What a fabulous suit… looks great and such tight shorts 🙂

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    • Last post is an old photo. Was taken around 2 years ago… Yes the shorts are very tight indeed. Just the way I like them :).

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  3. Nice photos & something like peter sagan

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