May 092014

Was locked up in the chastity cage and was told I would only be let out, once I start winning races! Maybe that would make for a good story!! 🙂

Cyclist locked in chastity cage

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  1. HI My Sexy Valentine U R most Sexy today love Your sexy Bod!!!!

  2. Looking good mate nice hair cut! Go for the G1 next time 🙂

  3. Hmm! Now there’s an idea to add to a story!

  4. You so need locking up, just give me the key and I’ll give it back when I see you in the sports pages of the Lincolnshire Echo 🙂

    Oh, a little “heads up”, the padlock will rub and wear the lycra.

    • The voice of experience Jamie?

      • A bit of tape around the padlock will prevent such irritation!

      • Yes, personal experience tells me that Gordon is desperate to be locked up, every rational thought is he has is probably screaming at him “NO!!”, but sooner or later he will get locked 🙂

        I used an elastic band to stop my lock rattling, but the corners of the lock still worn at my lycra. I didn’t think about using a bit of tape to “smooth out” the lock.

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