Jul 032014

OMG! We have a new model! And it’s only taken him since 2009 to come and do the photos! So I am not joking when I say it takes a long time, to sort out new models!

More photos from this set to follow soon! But they will be only be available to exclusive area members, for the first number of months! Sorry to everyone, that is not a member. So now maybe a good time to change that!

Neoprene straitjacket

Neoprene straitjacket

Neoprene straitjacket

  9 Responses to “OMG! We have a new model!”

  1. Hot hot hot! 🙂 Be hotter still if it had buckles and padlocks, but can’t have everything I guess 🙂

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  2. What really, just one comment about these new photos? And people ask, why I am thinking of giving up this website.

    Maybe I should make it 100% pay to view website. Like so many other websites are doing.

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  3. My theory – people see the photos then desperately need a quick wank, then lose all interest and have a nap.

    Seriously though, it is nice for people to say thank you, but less than 1 in 100 will take the time to do so. The thing I like about the stories I put in the forum is it shows how many people actually looked at them (I know the floor in my thinking is that everyone may have hated them!) very few actually say “thanks”

    I’ve never been tied up (trust issues!), but seeing these photos I’m sorely tempted!

    They are great photos, with a hot model, on an equally great site. Thank you to the models, the photographer and the web-master!

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  4. Awesome pic…

    Who’s straight jacket is that, it looks awesome? Poor boy looks like he’ll get pretty warm under all that…

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  5. Where did you get that straight jacket from? It is great. I want one.

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  6. nooo if you close down this site we wetsuit fans will no longer have a place for us! I really appreciate your effort :)!

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  7. It’s such a tease. I’m logging into the exclusive area daily to see if the pics are up yet – On the plus side I’m rediscovering some of your best pics and vids 🙂

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  8. Looking for any more new models? I’ll gladly volunteer 😀

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  9. Great pictures. New model looks really nice. Wish I could try that straitjacket on! Thanks again to both.

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