Jun 282015

Just 7 more days and Nick is back to do more photos! He was last here in 2013! No idea where the times gone. Does not feel that long ago at all!

So here are some photos from his last visit! Got any ideas for this time? Then do let us know!!

Nick : Lycra body suit
Nick : Neoprene sleepsack
Nick : blueseventy axium

  11 Responses to “Just 7 days, till Nick is back…”

  1. Single or double shots?

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  2. It’s a shame the sign says he’s not for public use. And surely your camera has a timer so you could get in the pictures and double our fun?

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  3. Make him get wet and muddy wearing his wetsuit πŸ™‚

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    • I agree with Mute , wet and muddy in a wet suit or other gear would be pretty amazing. Ever get muddy Gordon it is fun to do in gear.

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  4. Would be good to see him in some of your white lycra, tied and hooded to your bed
    And how about in the shower after, you could both be in white and scrubbing his back πŸ˜‰

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  5. What day is Nick actually coming up?

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  6. Love to do some double pics at some stage

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  7. Hi,

    It would be nice to post some videos of both of you wearing wetsuits – for example at zipwire, in a forest or just besides the old creek including some bondage.

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  8. Would love to see him tied up as spiderman. Maybe gagged unhooded and hooded πŸ˜› Or him as spiderman in the sleepsack and gagged. that would be hot if you did a video of it too

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