Jan 292016

This year, I am hoping to post many new photos of myself! So here are the first lot of myself having fun wearing the blueseventy axium wetsuit!

blueseventy axium wetsuit
blueseventy axium wetsuit
blueseventy axium wetsuit

  3 Responses to “First blueseventy axium wetsuit pics of 2016”

  1. Great photos, and you certainly seem to be happy in that wetsuit.

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  2. Glad you were happy I have to keep it clean , but the effect your pics had on me were … well you can imagine, Thanks G. You are hotter then ever. Happy 2016 , and with you posting all you post it sure will be a HOT YEAR.

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  3. DAMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Gordon,why do you TEMPT ME!!!!! seeing you like this just makes me want to PLOW YOU!!!

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