Jan 032017

Here are the very first new wetsuitlads photos of 2017! The first of 1000s, I am sure!!!

 Zone3 Vision
Zone3 Vision
Zone3 Vision

The full set of these photos can be found @ photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/03-01-2017/

  9 Responses to “First wetsuit photos of 2017!!”

  1. Awesome to see you have finally shaved your head, I think you should go for it wet shave it or at least a grade 0! You look so much better with short hair.

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  2. All 3 photos excellent!!

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  3. I get so hot about those pics! Awesome!

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  4. Awesome as always G, you never disappoint. I guess you drove in the wetsuit???

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