Feb 072017

We had great fun taken these photos like normal! Can’t wait to read all your comments 🙂

  15 Responses to “First 2017 photos of Nick….”

  1. Looking incredible as always. Perfect setting for a wetsuit/rubber camping trip

  2. like to see more

  3. Wauw looking fantastic, nice fit, what suit is this?
    Love to see more.

  4. Hope you’ve locked him in it…..

  5. Nick… in full rubber! Very nice!

  6. Nice! but the rubber boots are awful! Rubber riding boots would fit much better!

  7. Nick looks amazing in rubber – What I’d give to feel inside that bulge and lick his rubber clean….

  8. wow fantastic 😛

  9. I get so hot about this!!! Its awesome!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  10. Great photos! Suit looks really well! Full set are amazing!!!

  11. I can’t get enought about those rubber pictures! Nice!

  12. he so hot looking in all rubber gear

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