Sep 132018

Nick and myself having great fun at Old Hunstanton, both in wetsuits of course.

Sep 072018

Please could you all, vote for Jon and his new fiancé to win a trip to Winter Pride?? It would mean the world to them!

Head over to www.gaydio.co.uk/win/who-goes-to-winter-pride-you-decide/ and choose photo C!

Comment here and let them know you have voted!!

Adidas full body suit
Orca speedsuit
Orca speedsuit

Aug 272018

If only Marc Márquez, had told me! I would have loved to, helped him out!!

Aug 272018

Check out the first double photos of Gordon and Kevin! The full set can only be seen in our exclusive area!

Sign up today from £9!

Aug 262018

Wait to see more photos of Kevin, they can only be found in our Wetsuitlads exclusive area! Sign up today from £9!

Aug 242018

Please all welcome our newest model Kevin! I will be posting more photos soon!

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