Oct 292017

Kolohe Andino, look at that BUM!!! Even better in a tight white wetsuit!

Bells 2017, Kolohe Andino

May 262017

Charles Leclerc is a racing driver. So not a sport, I really follow. Then is driving very fast even a sport? But got to say, he does looks cute in a wetsuit!

I’ve started the video at the 1.46 mark, since it’s from that point, you get to see him wearing a wetsuit!

Apr 232017

Tom Holland and his friend Harrison Osterfield‏ both wearing wetsuits! Of course, it would have been better, if they had them fully on! Well for me anyway!

Apr 232017

Sure most people would love to help Alistair Brownlee or any fit lad out of a wetsuit! But, I would like the job of helping them, into them.


Apr 192017

I know that this is mainly a wetsuit website, but Andrea Locatelli in his leathers is SO HOT!!! I would love to service him!! While, I am locked in a chastity belt of course!!


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