Jul 102017

Only a short video of myself outdoors in Lycra and in chains! The full video can only be found in the Chastity Belt area of the website!

So please give a donation of £20 to see this video, plus many others likes it!

May 212017

Just to remind people, when you make a donation to get access to the exclusive area. Please make that you have a working email address! Also make that, email’s from webmaster are in your safe list. So they don’t get put in your SPAM folder.

Had one person, that’s been emailing me, over and over again for username and password. I’ve lost count of the number of times, I’ve emailed them back! Still not heard back from them!

If that person is YOU! Please can back to me ASAP!



Apr 272017

I know this has nothing at all to do with bondage, Lycra or wetsuits! But I am totally loving the new Steps record, Tears On the Dancefloor!! Been spinning it like mad, while updating this website!!

So quick question for everyone! Has anyone else been getting into collecting vinyl?

Check out my fast growing collection @ www.gordon-valentine.com/category/vinyl/

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