Aug 222018

Well, that was, so much fun! Nick and myself headed off to Old Hunstanton for the day! Which could, mean only one thing!! We both had to wear wetsuits…

Hope you enjoy these photos! Please do comment on them!!

The full set of these photos can be seen at

Aug 132018

Some great news, Nick is back again next month (September 2018), not fully sure of the dates yet!! But do get posting them ideas!!!

Aug 132018

Have you been following the “When is it too warm for wetsuits” topic on our Wetsuitlads forum? If not, do check it out! It’s a good wee read!

Aug 132018

At long last, I’ve got working Internet again! Downside, it’s only ADSL! Due to our local cabinet, being full! There is a waiting list to get fibre! So I’ve gone from 78Mbps down to 9Mbps! It’s a bit like having dial-up again!

So, I will not be posting any new videos for a good while. Can’t be, doing with waiting 4+ hours for them to upload…

Aug 132018

Just fixed the contact us form… No idea, how long it’s not been fully working for… If you have filled in it, any time in the last number of weeks. I have no way, of getting back to you! For some reason, it for not giving me a reply to email address! It was showing people names, but no address to reply to!

If you have filled it out, in the last number of weeks! Please do free free, to try again! This time, I can get back to you!!

Aug 052018

Sorry that, there has not been any websites updates for a while. This is mainly due to moving house! And still waiting for BT to come and install a new phone line + Internet! Should have happened over 2 weeks ago! But sure, you know what BT is like…

In other news… Hoping to get more Danny and Nick back soon! Who knows maybe both at the same time! So got any ideas? Then do post away!!

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