Feb 092018

Jan 192018

Having great fun putting on my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit over the top of my Adidas full body suit! Also with the RST Razor Sport Boots and HJC ZF-10 Karlie helmet.

Jan 192018

I really do need to do more zip wire videos! Use to have great fun doing them!!


Apr 262017

WOW! Did I really look like that, back in 2003? Then I was only 23 at the time!!! Shows just long, I’ve been running this website for!

Adidas full body suit
Adidas full body suit
Adidas full body suit

Jun 132013

These photos are aimed at people that may have never been to this website before. That I do own a chastity belt! If you want to see more photos of me locked up, just give £20 via our donation page to see the full set!

Gordon : Deluxe Male Stainless Steel Chastity BeltChastity Belt under Adidas full body suit

Chastity Belt over blueseventy axiumChastity Belt outdoors

More photos from this set can be found in the chastity belt exclusive area.

May 212013

Since you all voted for it! Here is a video of myself wearing the sexy Adidas fullbody suit on the zip wire.

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