Apr 212016

What to all these photos have in common? Other than the fit in Lycra of course! LOL!

Team Discovery
USPS team cycling gear
Rangers Home Shirt 2014-2015

Apr 012015

Hard while wearing my Rangers Home Shorts, with no underwear! 🙂

Dec 282012

Cristiano Ronaldo pulling up his shorts and showing off his sexy Lycra under shorts!

Cristiano Ronaldo grabbing

Source: bulgegrab.tumblr.com/post/38294928053

Dec 272012

Well maybe not the best photo of Cristiano Ronaldo in the world. But he’s wearing Lycra under shorts, which really does it for me!

Cristiano Ronaldo by La Moviola RNMJTV
Cristiano Ronaldo, a photo by La Moviola RNMJTV on Flickr.
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