Mar 032018

Yep Nick is back again at the end of the month!!! Who knows, what fun we will get up to this time!!!!

O’Neill 5/4 Mutant + S10 gas mask

Jan 062018

Since Nick, be will back at least twice this year… It’s time that, I released more photos of him, which till now, could only be found in the Wetsuitlads exclusive area!


The full set of these photos can be seen @

Oct 122017

If you want to see more photos like this, then all you have to do is make an donation of at least £9.

Apr 252017

Yet more photos of Nick, that till today could only be found in the exclusive area. In these photos he’s wearing the Zone3 Vision wetsuit, with the S10 gas mask, handcuffs and neoprene bondage hood.

The full set can be found @

Apr 232017

I love doing wetsuit photos with Nick!! We always have so much fun!!! Oh and he’s back again in July!!!

The full set can be found @

Oct 192016

Having great fun with my newest wetsuit! This time, I also wear my wetsuit boots and gloves. Then put on my S10 gas mask. And also lock the wetsuit on!

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