New look website update…

First of all big thanks to everyone that’s contacted me so far about the beta version of the website.  So far just about all the feed back has been good.

Here are the answers to have some the things I have been asked so far:-

Are you planning on moving everything over from the old website?

The short answer is yes. But of course it’s going to take a long time to do. So I will not make this website go fully live till then.

Will anything been getting removed from the website?

This may upset some people, but yes. I will no longer be having a wallpaper section, mainly since it’s not been updated in years and no one noticed. The e-cards will be going, since next to never get used now. Also have a feeling the podcasts will be getting removed also. Still to fully make my mind up on that one.

How do I access to VIP area?

That’s a easy one. Just select “Exclusive area” from the top menu.

What about the videos? I can’t find  most of them.

Over time, they will all be coming back. To find them just select “Categorizes” then “Videos” from the top menu. In that menu you can also pick which model you want to view the videos of.

If you want to ask me anything else, post a comment here, or contact us.

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