Getting a blue iridium visor

I have just ordered a blue iridium visor, to go with the HJC ZF-10 Karlie helmet, that I got a while back.  Lots of people have been saying I need to get darker visor. Just wish I had got around to it before Nick got here. But at least I will have it, ready for the next time he’s here :).

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  1. That’s really great that you’ve now ordered a darker visor for your helmet. It will make a great difference to your look!!! Hope Nick liked your leathers too… He looks very sexy in them haha!
    Keep up the good work, you make us gear fans proud!

    1. I am getting the darker visor since lots and lots of people have asked me 2 get it.

  2. The new blue iridium visor turned up today!! I will try to get photos of it later…

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