7 Replies to “Nick back to do new photos soon….”

  1. Great to hear that Nick will do new fotos! He is my favorite wsl model (apart fom Jon, of course -:) How about asking him to put on a black wetsuit and then try japanese rope bondage on him. White rope would look great. My proposals for nice ties are a shibari (a kind of whole body spider web), a hon kikkou (this will tie his arms behind his back, but without directly tying the writsts together and looks terribly awesome, much like a breast harness), and of course a takate kote (similar to a hon kikkou).

    Have fun, Mark

  2. I know it’s really short notice but is there any chance you could get another model and do some double shots with Nick 😀 ?

    1. I wish it was that easy. Very hard 2 get one model, never mind two in the same place at the same time :(.

  3. Some ideas for the photos, you ask?

    Hmmm, Straitjacket with S10 gas-mask in some of the new Lycra, the HTC kit if it fits him!

    Or the police-style cuffs! 😛

  4. would love to see pics of Nick and u in Spiderman and Bike Gear, ur choice whoevers in it, but would love to see it as a video!!!!

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