Sad times

Looks like in just one week, two of my favourite website’s have gone off-line.  The first one being LycraKeen the website just now times out. I did contact him via facebook, but not heard anything back at all. The other website that is The Fixed Gear. Which says the following “So if you have noticed, the blog is currently placed on an indefinite hiatus. We’re currently moving on with our lives quite far away from the sport and the athletes.”

But in better news, this website is not going anywhere at all. I know last year, I came very close to pulling the plug on it. But since the website relaunch last month, we’re getting record hits :).

Oh if you follow us on twitter, you will have heard that Nick is coming back to do more photos very soon indeed. So if you have ideas for new photos, please contact me.

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  1. And a good job you didn’t pull the plug Gordon! It’s better than ever, and if Nick is coming back to do more photos, then I think we will all be happy.

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