Had a record number of unique visitors

We would to say, a very, very big thanks to everyone that looked at the website in May. We had record month, the website logged 9,975 unique visitors. So now we need to aim for the BIG 10,000 unique visitors :).

Here are the top 4 most looked at photos.

No. 1 with 1,098 views.

No. 2 with 1,081 views.

No. 3 with 1,066 views.

No. 4 with 922 views.

2 Replies to “Had a record number of unique visitors”

  1. Just thought I’d let you know…I have visited the new wetsuitlads 365 times since you updated it. That’s how much I enjoy visiting wetsuitlads 🙂

  2. I visit every day… almost! 😛 😀

    Love the site, always have done since I first found it over 5 years ago.

    You’ll break the 10k barrier very soon.

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